A tribute to a finance revolution started by WallstreetBets, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu

The finance world, changed by the common people


2020 brought one of the biggest changes that our generation has faced. A pandemic led the entire humanity to be a hostage in their own homes, and this made a huge change in how we conceive the world.

However, this change was not all bad. It made an acceleration in the advance of the internet world, and made a lot of people look for new ways to earn money, and make a living.

Interestingly, a huge amount of people started to get interested more and more in stocks, options, crypto, finance; a world controlled by big financial institutions and very alien to the common person.

2021 witnessed huge changes in the finance sector. Hedge funds lost money because of a group of regular people getting together for a cause.

Billionaires supporting crypto and the biggest cinema chain in the US getting rescued by their stock movement.

Doginu’s Army is a tribute to all those people behind, putting their hard-earned money at the service of a cause. A tribute to all behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, to everyone behind reddit’s WallStreetBets; a tribute to gamers, streamers, TikTokers, and to everyone that is yet to enter in Doginu’s World!


The mission? Become the first Meme NFT, and support the people’s causes with the money raised.


Quartertly Deliveries

New NFTs every quarter

Instead of delivering thousands of NFTs without any sense, we will be uploading new ones, each quarter, according to news and events that happened during that period of time. 


The price floor will be raised for each release.


Also, NFTs will not be limited to just images: music, 3D models and videos are also on the way!


That means uniqueness and value. Also, special unique NFTs will be delivered from time to time.


And if that is not enough, the project will be looking to be included in other platforms and will be evolving along with the NFT and Metaverse environment.


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A Support to our causes

Money going to squeeze!

Another goal of the project is to invest a big percent of the money raised into the “people’s stock causes.” Buy shares of AMC? GME? Or any other “meme stocks”?

Once the first 1000k Doginus Soldiers get sold, we will create a voting pool, where people can choose where the money is going to go!


We will keep everyone updated monthly, about our positions in the stock market.

An interest in real Estate and real benefits

Metaverse-Estate? Or Real-Estate?

Another big interest of our team, is to be able to generate real life content and benefits to our holders. We are planning to develop, among other projects, Metaverse properties that can also be owned real life. Our holders will benefit from discounts in our projects, as well as be the first ones to know what we are doing, and what is happening!

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Dec 2021 First 1k NFTs Launched
We released our first 1000 Doginus Soldiers

On December 22, 2021; we finish designing our first 1000 Doginus Soldiers and we upload them to OpenSea.

1000 NTFs Sold or 100 ETH of Traded Volume
Money for the cause!

Once we reach this milestone, we will dedicate a percentage of the gains to buy the so called "Meme Stocks." We will make a voting pool, so people can choose which stock will be bought.

Exclusive Commissions
Art, Music and Videos from International Artists

We will be increasing our NFT collection with exclusive material from artists around the world!  

500 ETH of Traded Volume
Own Token Creation!

We are in the development phase of our own token. Functionality and further details will be shared in our newsletter and in our social media!

1000 ETH of Traded Volume
So, you think NFTs are useless?

Beside this project, our team is working on a variety of projects, from Real Estate, to food production. All the members of our community will be able to have access to those projects before hand, for a discounted price and before anyone else.

Be heard

Your opinion matters

Remember how the CEO of AMC started hearing and following the Reddit suggestions? We will hear yours too!

The value and influence of the retail traders

How will the future be?

The Team

Made by: The Doginus Lord Team

Meet the Team

We are a common people, just like you

Traders, crypto holders, working-class people, like you.

Gamers, designers, programmers.

Based in the United States, and members of reddit’s WallStreetBets. AMC and GME holders, DogeCoin and Shiba Inu buyers. 

*There are no official partnerships with any of these companies